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Tori Spelling Drunk And Taking Naughty Pics

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Tori Spelling’s a Hollywood producer’s daughter, so she must have grown up with a lot of partying going on in the house.  And with a lot of partying, you get a lot of alcohol!  I guess that’s why she’s been sort of a lush, always getting drunk in public places, and being photographed lots of times too!  Here we have pics of Tori Spelling getting drunk at home and taking naughty pictures of herself!

These are hot photos, which show Tori in her underwear and obviously under the influence of alcohol.  In one of these pics she’s sprawled on her couch with a cigarette in her mouth, with her legs spread wide open.  She looks so slutty in that picture, like she’s ready for a hot fuck, and she’s willing to do anything for the lucky photographer.  Even the pic from the same drunken session with her standing up is hot as well, because while she may not have her legs spread, we’ve got a nice sideview of her pussy peeking out of her panties!

Yes, we do love it when celebs get drunk!  And if you want to see more of these raunchy Tori Spelling galleries, then just click on that link and get your cock ready for some great jerk-off action!